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assaultdoor's Journal

I teach at Berkeley. I cover CS 3 ("Introduction to Symbolic Programming") and CS 301 ("Teaching Techniques for Computer Science") at UC Berkeley. I study science education. I'm still in the CS department, but I'll be transfering to the SESAME (Somethingor othEr in Science And Math Education) program next semester. I've got several projects going right now. My current research topic is about how students overuse the analogies we try to use to teach them to program and what we can do about it. I'm also trying to identify students who are likely to flunk out of our self-paced introductory class and examining the relationship between students' self-confidence, gender, relationship with TAs/instructors, and help-seeking behavior. It looks like I'm about to start looking at how our students understand higher-order procedures, too. Finally, one of these days, I'm going to get around to looking at this mountain of data I have about experience with small children and skill in breaking a programming problem into reasonable chunks.

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